Thursday, 22 June 2017

A Guide to Bitcoin Earning!

Welcome to my blog that teaches you how to gain bitcoins. What is bitcoin, you might ask? Bitcoin is a type of cybercurrency that you can use to buy things or exchange for money. To store bitcoin, you need a wallet.You can sign up for a bitcoin wallet here. A bitcoin wallet is necessary to receive bitcoins.You can convert bitcoins into USD in your paypal account here.

There are a few ways to earn bitcoins. One way is to mine for it. I list a few bitcoin mining sites below that are free to join, and that provides free power to the user. Check these sites up under Free bitcoins mining sites!

The other way is to take part in bitcoin faucets. To do so, simply check up my sites listed under Free bitcoin faucets!

Free bitcoins mining sites

For Minecloud, wait for a day. After a day, click on buy GHS. Click on internal balance. Type in the amount in your internal balance and click send. Your GHS is increased and therefore, your will be able to earn more! Do this everyday and your earning power will increase!

For BTCsweet, you need to click on  Sign Up Bonus 5 Gh/s Click Here To Claim Bonus to get your free Gh for free mining.

Free Bitcoin Faucets 
Paid Bitcoin mining Sites

At some points in your life, you will like to invest bitcoins into paid bitcoin mining sites! That is because the rate of returns for bitcoins is higher at paid mining sites. By investing money into these paid mining sites, you will end up earning more bitcoins than you can ever earn just mining from the free sites! Below is a list of paid mining sites you can consider joining.
Paid to Click 

Wondering if there is any other way to make money beside bitcoins? Yes, there certainly is. You can earn money, actual cash, through the clicking of ads. Sounds good? Well, it is. And most paid to click sites are free to join! For more information on how to earn money through clicking of ads, check up my blog: Paid to Click Blog.

Traffic Sites

It is not enough to just earn bitcoins. You will want to promote your referral links, too. After all, you want to earn more bitcoins, right? In order to promote your bitcoin referral links, you need to join traffic promotion sites.  I listed a few of them below for your convenience.
That is all! 

That is all there is to this blog on bitcoin earning. If you find the information listed here useful, remember to like this blog. Tweet about it, post about it in facebook, share about this blog with the people around you!

Be sure to bookmark this blog, as I will update what bitcoin earning sites work and remove all non-working bitcoins earning sites from time to time. The world of bitcoin is ever changing and I need to prune my list every now and then.

I hope you have a nice day, and may God bless You.